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FinnQueer is a new radical web magazine of the new millennium defending the equality of minorities and criticizing traditional ideologies of discrimination and oppression (sexism, religious fundamentalism, racism and heterosexism).

FinnQueer is an internationally minded postmodern magazine introducing new social movements and ideas to Finland (including queer theory, social constructionism and genealogical philosophical research). FinnQueer co-operates with new radical movements in various countries criticizing hierarchical structures in science as well as in social movements. FinnQueer co-operates with and imports information from various critical organisations and grassroots movements in all parts of the world.

FinnQueer monitors the Internet and the international general media and information sites of various sexual equality movements. FinnQueer reports on the developments in the world for Finnish readers and on the situation in Finland for the foreign audience. Editors of FinnQueer participate in international movements and conferences.

FinnQueer reports and analyses the social equality of various minorities (sexual, gender, linguistic, ethnic) and examines the psychological and social problems caused by minority status and ideologies of discrimination. FinnQueer offers a critical information and communication channel for schools, institutions and universities.

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